Police charge IT worker with $90k Maritime Museum ripoff

A man has faced court for allegedly stealing $90,000 from the Australian National Maritime Museum, other businesses and individuals.

It’s claimed the Macquarie Park man accessed the museum’s accounts payable system through his work as a contracted IT support worker to a third-party provider.

The 23-year-old is accused of changing bank account details in the system to his own.

He also allegedly made a series of unauthorised credit card purchases after stealing financial information regarding several other businesses and individuals.

The alarm was raised in November when the museum noticed anomalies in the financial details for contracted companies.

He has been charged with eleven offences after law enforcement linked him to unauthorised access of several systems and servers.

‘We will allege the motivation … was greed’

A laptop, hard drives and a mobile phone were taken from his home for further forensic testing and could lead to fresh charges.

The total amount of money involved is about $90,000, according to Australian Federal Police Detective Leading Senior Constable Clare Yammine.

“We will allege the motivation for this activity was greed, and it came at the expense of hard working Australians who are already feeling the impacts of everyday living expenses,” Ms Yammine said.

“These men and women were innocently impacted while one individual reaps the rewards.


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