Blinken face-to-face with Russian counterpart for first time since invasion of Ukraine

Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University-Bloomington:

There are three compelling reasons why Modi is following this very delicate tightrope walk.

To begin with, anywhere between 60 to 75 percent of India’s weaponry is either of Russian or Soviet origin. And, consequently, India is acutely dependent on Russia for supplies of spare parts and a continuing pipeline of weaponry.

Secondly, India can ill afford to buy oil on the global market, given the price of oil, and the Russians are prepared add to sell oil at concessionary rates, which is easing inflation in India, when global inflation is affecting the Indian economy.

And, third, there is a degree of Cold War nostalgia that permeates the Indian political elite. And, consequently, they are unwilling to totally abandon Russia and rebuke Russia for its actions in the Ukraine.

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