Almost two-thirds of voters back Albanese government’s superannuation plan

Almost two-thirds of voters support the Albanese government’s proposed changes to superannuation tax concessions.

The latest Newspoll, which is commissioned exclusively for The Australian newspaper and was released on Sunday night, found 64 per cent of those surveyed backed the proposal to tax super accounts with balances over $3 million at 30 per cent (rather than the existing 15 per cent) from 2025.

Only 29 per cent disapproved, with the remaining seven per cent undecided.

Not surprisingly, about 80 per cent of the Labor voters among the 1530 voters polled between March 1 and March 4 approved of the change.

But 54 per cent of Coalition voters also expressed their backing for the move, which is expected to affect about 80,000 people and generate an extra $2 billion in revenue for the budget.

Support was strongest among the 35 to 49 age bracket (70 per cent) and lowest in the 50 to 64 age bracket, though this still received 60 per cent support.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has already committed to repealing the legislation should the Coalition win government.

The Newspoll also revealed that Labor continues to enjoy a commanding 54-46 lead over the Coaltion on a two-party-preferred basis.

It is the closest the parties have been since the first post-election poll in July, but it still represents a two-point swing to the government since it was elected in May.

This is despite the ALP’s primary vote dropping a point to 37 per cent, and the Coalition vote lifting a point to 35 per cent.

The Greens dropped a point to 10 per cent, which is two points down from the May election.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation increased one point to 7 per cent as support for other minor parties (including Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party at 1 per cent) and independents remained steady on 11 per cent.

The poll also noted that Mr Albanese’s personal approval ratings had fallen (two points to 55 per cent) to their lowest level since the election – as did Mr Dutton (down one point) – but the Prime Minister retains a substantial lead 54-28 in the preferred PM stakes.

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